Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Making of a Pork Chop

We just got a whole hog from North Wind Farm in Tivoli as we do several times a year.

Richard was just arriving back from the slaughter house when I got to the farm.
Our hog weighed 137 pounds, kind of small, but none the less delicious.
The slaughter house cuts the hog in half & I break it down the rest of the way.
The rib rack we brine in a brown sugar brine for 24 hours. These pork chops are always huge hits.

Pan Roasted Pork Chop, Horseradish Turnip Cake, Local Russian Kale

Other cuts roasted, confited, cured & smoked, coming soon.

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Hal said...

Hey Jeff, nice blog, it's a great Idea and really important too. It's entirly too scary when you start finding out where it is so much of our food comes from, we eat fruits and vegtables that are better travled than ourselves. Cooking with seasonal local food shouldn't just be seen as a trend or style, it should be the way entire world cooks and eats, at the very least becasue it tastes better. Anyway the pork chop looks really great, but I wanted to know what you guys did with the rest of the pig this time? I'm sure you used it all. Anyway, keep up the blog, and the nice plates.