Thursday, June 28, 2007

Head Cheese 101

Head Cheese is our favorite thing to make when we get the chance.

We brine the head w/ aromatics for 4 days

Slowly poach the head for hours on end.

Until it's all tender & delicious

After cooling we pick the meat from the bones

The poaching liquids are reduced and strained.

The picked meat and poaching liquid are chilled together in terrine molds.

Once chilled, sliced & served w/ hericot vert & fresh horseradish


h.tomato said...

Very Nice! I so happy to see your blog...thinking of moving up your way from Brooklyn, I'm relieved you are there--H.Tomato said...

I love your restaurant...but this is totally going to give me nightmares. Yes, I'm a weenie.

dcchick1425 said...

You are the second restaurant I've come across recently that has put this on their menu. The other was at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, DC as part of the chef's tasting menu. I hope I can make it up your way to try out the restaurant some day.