Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Few Highlights From The Weekend

Here are a few of the plates I got a chance to shoot over the weekend.

Our version of a Green Tomato "BLT"

Tuna Tartare, Seasoned w/Harissa & Tangerine, Local Celery Broth

I know tuna tartare is totally over done, but this is fuckin delicious & sells great.

House Cured Gravlax, Pickeld local baby beets, cucumbers & creme fraiche

Nothing innovative, a nod to the Eastern Europeans.

My Favorite Entree of the weekend

Pan roasted Monkfish, w/ squid, chickpeas, merguez & celery leaves

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Jon said...

I was here this weekend w/my partner for the first time (both in Hudson and at Swoon) and I had the monkfish. AMAZING!!!