Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thirteen Things we're cooking this weekend

1. Soft Shell Crabs
2. North Wind Farm Cornish Game Hens
3. Holmquest Farms Bi Color Corn
4. Montgomery Place Orchards Plums & Apricots
5. Migliorelli Farm Thumbellina Carrots
6. House Made Linguine & Littelneck Clams
7. Braised Veal Ribs
8. Local Rabbit Rittettes
9. Cherry Tomatoes, every kind
10. Maine "Peeky Toe" Crab Salad
11. Maine "Day Boat" Cod
12. Stone Church Farm Duck Confit
13. Black Raspberry Martinis
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WIP said...

Yummmmm can I come over to eat :)

Adelle said...

I wasn't hungry until I read your list. Sounds scrumptious! Happy T13

Pen said...

I would like a black raspberry martini, please! :)

Kidding aside, the menu sounds divine!

TopChamp said...

yum. It all sounds amazing. Particularly the crab.

Kathy said...

Oh yes! I'll be in this weekend even though David's away. And welcome to the TT world!!

KingsKetz said...

I ate at Swoon for the first time (of many, I hope...I have to find more people to visit in the area first tho!)this past Friday. While I didn't have a lot of things on the list of 13 I did have something that didn't make it that I absolutely adored. Beside the charcuterie plate which I fortunately convinced my husband to share...I ordered the duck breast (yum!) It came with corn kernels in some magical rendition never tasted by me before. I loved it. Would you consider giving any hints as to how it was prepared. I'm dreaming of buying fresh corn every night and wracking my brains to figure it out...but I need some sleep and my brains for regular work so, like I said, I was hoping you'd give some hints.