Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bounty of the Season

Though the local farm production has just about come to a halt, this time of year brings a few treats on its own. The cold waters to our Northeast produce some of the most decadent, delicious morsels of the year. The tiny pink sweat shrimp from Maine and the plump little perfect Nantucket bay scallops. We are getting these beauties less than 24 hours out of the water-they are so awesome that when they first arrive I just get a little soy sauce and snack for a minute-how could I not?
Pristine bay scallops, can you still see them twitching?
Pan seared with Jerusalem artichoke puree, sauteed beet greens
and a bacon mustard vinaigrette

Raw Maine Sweet Shrimp

Crispy deep fried-tossed with Urfa Bibier, Smoked Paprika & other goodness.
Squeeze the lime and eat them whole! Unbelievably great

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